I am sure many of you reading this blog perhaps don’t have a website, or you’re perhaps thinking about setting one up? Well, I can tell you many good reasons to set one up.


Now as the digital age is growing faster than ever before, not having your own website means your missing out on a lot of opportunities to grow and make more income along with that you’re missing out on the potential to meet new friends and awesome people all over the globe. So why don’t you have a website? I’ll tell you why:

  • You don’t know what you will use it for
  • Its tedious to setup
  • Think its expensive
  • Don’t have time to maintain it

Now those reasons are all very common, and they are good reasons. Though in the long term, not having a website could negatively impact your business, why? Because you’re losing out on potential customers. With the rate the internet is expanding, there is a lot to leverage out of it for businesses and customers alike.

So, how can having a website impact your business in a good way? There are many reasons, but ill list the best ones.

Easier for your customers

With having a website, your providing your existing and new customers with a better experience, you can allow them to check your stock, or order directly from your website and have it shipped to them. It also allows them to talk with you directly, to order a service or pay you for a service that you provided them in the past.

Easier to connect and provide support for your customers

Now we have all heard it – the online space is a great way to connect with people from all over the globe, and it sure is! This is why you should have a website for your business or to showcase your portfolio, as it will help you make new connections and along with that, you’ll be able to provide better customer support for your customers and clients alike.

Sharing your passion

Having your own website allows you to share your passion and connect with people who have the same passion as you do! You can share your experiences with certain projects you’ve undertaken and educate your readers on how things are done properly. Pretty awesome, right?

Business Value

With having a website your increasing your business value, and along with that you’re reaching out to the millions of potential customers on a daily basis, businesses that have an online presence are usually seen as having a better business value as opposed to those who are just on the high street.

24/hours a day operation

Sounds great right? Well, the reality is that you’ll be potentially making money while you’re asleep right now! And its very simple to do, just by setting an online shop up, you’re allowing people to order directly from you at any time of the day. It’s also surprisingly easy to manage too.


So, those are the best reasons why your business will benefit from a website. Now with cost, it’s surprisingly cheap to get started actually, now there are many competitors out for hosting your website, wanting to give you the best of the best! I will show you the process of how easy it to get started up with a website, and along with that, I can help you budget it all out!

So your first step to getting any online presence is to of course have a website – and for that, you’ll need a hosting company. Now there are plenty of hosting companies out there, just simply search “hosting companies” in google and you’ll get millions of results, though I would recommend SmartHosting – These guys have outstanding support and amazingly fast servers, along with an industry best control panel (cPanel) that’s known for its ease of use. And best of all, you’ll get a free domain for a year with their unlimited web hosting package for £2.99 (ex VAT). Along with the website hosting, you will also need a memorable domain name, now domain prices will vary on who you go with, though I would once again recommend going with SmartHosting, so your domain and website hosting is conveniently all in one place.

Now that you have some hosting for your website you can get into the dirty part, creating the website! Now many hosts will offer a free build your own website solution, what you can use, or you may want to set up a blog, and I recommend using WordPress for that. Though if your looking for a truly unique website I would recommend you get a quote from a website developer.

Now with the management aspect of a website – in reality you can leave it be and it will generate income for you, though its best to always maintain and keep it updated with fresh new content for your customers to dig into and see what its all about, usually maintaining a website will only take 30 minutes out of your day, making sure everything is running smoothly, though if your tight for time, you could hire someone to manage your website for you – whatever your personal preferences are of course!


So that is it! You are all set up for the online age! Now its just time to share your website around and get customers heading over to it.

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Shay Punter

Shay Punter is a specialist website designer, who likes to talk about programming and websites!


Delta Mass · May 18, 2018 at 8:06 pm

I really love your site.. Very nice colors & theme.
Did you make this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m looking
to create my very own site and want to find out where you got this from or just what the
theme is called. Many thanks!

    shay · May 18, 2018 at 8:11 pm


    Yes, the main portion of my site (https://shaypunter.co.uk) was created by me – you can order one by contacting me. For the blog, I currently use a theme called Hestia, very awesome theme – I would recommend it!

    Best Regards,
    Shay Punter.

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