Welcome to my website, I am a full stack developer & project manager and here you'll find everything you need to know about me plus my experiences and learnings are all published here too!

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Shay's Journey


Founder & Managing Director | 2018-08-08 - current

Conwy, UK

PunterDigital is a web development firm which specialises in helping other development firms by providing white-label service solutions.

Within the director role, I have been responsible for growing the company, managing the projects and the team behind them and collaborating with senior-level stakeholders, for more specific achievements:

- Led a small team of 2 people

- Worked closely with senior-level stakeholders (external and internal)

- Delivered successful projects on time, on budget & within client requirements

- Prepared and executed strategic plans and project plans

- Led prospecting and marketing activities within the organisation to acquire new business

Conwy County Borough Council

Work Experience - IT Practitioner | 2015-07-08 - 2015-07-09

Conwy, UK

For a week, I volunteered to work with Conwy County Borough's IT department as an IT practitioner to understand the role and to expand my horizon on IT which I massively enjoy.

Through this experience, I was exposed to networking, software engineering, customer support and data centre operations which all exist to support the operations of the council.

I had also assisted several technicians in accomplishing their required tasks, which involved:

- Assisting with the network installation of an electric car charging station

- Assisting the support team in providing first-line support

- Learning about the IBM RPG language and how the council use it to run their payroll and accounting software

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Conwy County Borough Concil
Team Visionary

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